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join the donelson hills neighborhood association

The Donelson Hills Neighborhood Association (DHNA) is a voluntary neighborhood association available to all neighbors who live in Donelson Hills. You do not have to be a home-owner to be a member of DHNA. Renters and home-owners alike are encouraged to join for just $35 per household per year, and senior citizens (65+ years old) can join for $25 per household.

What does $35 per year do for your neighborhood and for you? Over the past 5 years, DHNA member dues have afforded Donelson Hills to replace ALL street signs and stops signs in our neighborhood as well as install a beautiful “Welcome to Donelson Hills” entrance sign at the Donelson Hills and June Drive intersection. Your neighborhood board members use the dues and donations in the best and most efficient way possible to get the most benefit for your hard-earned money.

Donations above the $35/year are welcomed and appreciated, but never required.

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